Speaker Hotel

The speakers will be staying at the Bancroft Hotel.


Student participants will be staying at the Unit 1 Residence Halls, 2650 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94720.  The front desk is located in the central building, which is located down the stairs within Unit 1. It’s the only place where you can go down stairs, so it should be easy to find.  Front desk hours are 7am to 11pm. For anything after hours, please call the front desk number (510) 642-3141.

The check-in time is 3:00pm on both Sunday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 21st if you arrive the day before. Upon arrival, please go down the stairs to the central building. The Conference Clerk staff will distribute room keys, meal cards and a welcome letter giving guests information about the site.

The dorm check-out time is noon on Thursday, May 26th. If your return flight is on Wednesday, May 25th and you plan to leave from Google, please check out early in the morning before our program starts.  Otherwise, you may check out later on Wed, after we return from Google.

Keys will provide access to the building, elevator, dorm room, and lounges. You should keep you keys with you at all times. There is a $50 charge for a lost key.

The closest parking lot to the dorms is the Underhill Parking Garage. There is a permit dispenser on site where students can purchase their permits. If you plan on leaving your car overnight, you should stop by the Unit 1 front desk (where you check in) and request an overnight conference slip.

Wifi is available in the dorms – it is “CalVisitor” and does not have a password.

The meal time will be 8:00-8:30am for breakfast and 7:15-8:00pm for dinner. You get one meal card for your whole stay. The meal cards will work during their assigned meal time slots, so be sure to go during the designated times. You will be eating at Crossroads. Your first meal in the dining hall is dinner on Sunday and goes through breakfast on Thursday.  (Lunch is not included, since you will be eating lunch at the Institute).  If you miss a meal, here is a restaurant Dining in Berkeley 7.1.15.

Kosher guests: You should request a kosher meal upon arrival at the dining hall. Unfortunately Crossroads does not have kosher breakfast options. We will provide kosher boxed lunches on Monday and Tuesday, as well as bring in kosher meals to the banquet on Tuesday.

The dorm provides linens, towels and soap, but not shampoo and conditioner etc.

Please note that UC Berkeley and the dorm buildings have a no smoking policy.

For your reference, please follow Unit 1 Info & Policies 2016.

Calvin Lab

Presentations and other activities of WIT 2016 will be held at Calvin Lab. Directions.


Each student will receive a packet when she arrives at the Institute, which will contain instructions as well as applicable reimbursement paperwork.   Please note that reimbursements cannot be processed until the round-trip is complete. please follow Reimbursement Instructions_WIT.