Apply to WIT

To apply to the workshop. Please fill out the form on this page no later than January 16, 2018. You also need to email your CV and have one reference letter sent to no later than January 16, 2018 with a subject line of “CV for {your name}” or “Reference letter for {your name}”. We especially encourage students of underrepresented minority groups to apply.

Regrettably, because of space limitations we may not be able to accommodate everyone that applies to the workshop. In addition, due to funding limitation, we strongly encourage you to ask for support from your advisor and institution.  We will notify you of acceptance decisions by February 9, 2018. (If you need an earlier notification to allow time to get a U.S. visa, please let us know by email.)

NOTE: Your application is not complete yet. You must:

  1. Submit your CV, and
  2. Have your reference letter writer send a letter for you.

Both should be sent as pdf files in separate emails to by Jan 16, 2018 with “CV for {your name (as it appears in the registration form)}” or “Reference letter for {your name}” as the subject.